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Steam Vac is a certified professional company that is trained to recognize different fibers, constructions, and types of rugs, while being aware of the particular cleaning needs and issues associated with individual carpets.

You probably know that new carpeting will upgrade the appearance of any room, but did you know that careful maintenance of existing carpets can keep them fresh and looking new longer?

Carpet is walked on everyday, with dirt and other debris constantly being tracked in so it is advisable to vacuum regularly with a strong, well-filtered vacuum cleaner. Your next step is of course regular professional cleaning of your carpeting.

Steam Vac has its headquarters for carpet cleaning in Fort Walton Beach, in order to serve the needs of its commercial and residential cleaning customers in the Gulf Coast region.

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Foot traffic, children, and pets create normal wear on carpet fibers so your rugs will inevitably become soiled with a dull appearance and visible stains. Vacuuming often will keep some damage at bay but eventually everyone needs to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Your local carpet cleaner utilizes the steam cleaning method for carpeting because this process is recommended by most major carpet manufacturers for a deep, renewing clean.

Why choose Fort Walton Beach Carpet Cleaning? Our customers are guaranteed a quick response along with customized carpet cleaning techniques and procedures that minimize problems before they arise.

Whether it is area rugs, runners, wall to wall carpeting, or even indoor/outdoor carpeting, we will clean your carpets so they are returned to a beautiful, sanitary condition. You will find that our carpet cleaning services will enhance the state of your home or office. Don't forget to inquire about protectants for carpet stain resistance.

If you need Carpet Cleaning Services, then call us at 850-244-1060 or book online.

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