Which Carpet Fibers Are Easiest To Clean?

Which carpet fibers are easiest to clean

Installing carpet in your home is an excellent idea. Carpet can look great, and it is a very popular flooring option. When it comes to deciding what type of carpet you want in your home, there are several different factors that are going to influence your decision.

You have to decide what type of carpet you want. Do you want a shag carpet? Would a woven carpet look better?

Once you decide on that, you have to decide what color would look best. Do you need a neutral color to match the walls? Do you want to make a bold statement with a brighter color? Is white even a good option for carpeting?

These are all extremely important questions to consider when picking out a carpet, but you are forgetting the most important question. What type of carpet fibers are easiest to clean? Cleaning a carpet is going to be the hardest part about being a carpet owner. You can make this process easier by choosing a carpet fiber that is easier to maintain.

Polypropylene Carpet Fibers

The first type of fibers that we are going to examine is polypropylene carpet. This is one of the most inexpensive materials for carpets, but it still looks amazing. When you mix this fiber with a high percentage of wool, it is more durable and extremely easy to clean.

Polypropylene is a water resistant material so the carpet has to be dyed with a solution to match your color option. This is great because your carpet will not fade or loose its color, no matter how many times you have it cleaned.  It is also a great option for carpeting if your family has a habit of spilling things. Polypropylene doesn’t just resist water. It resists wine, juice, soda and other spillages.

The downside to polypropylene is there aren’t very many style options available, and it has a poor resistance to soil and dirt.

Nylon Carpet Fibers

The second type of carpet fibers that we are going to discuss is Nylon. This is one of the most commonly used carpet fibers. It is extremely versatile, which means it provides an excellent flexibility when creating a variety of carpet styles.

Nylon is probably one of the easiest carpets to clean. This material stands up best to kids and pets, and it is great for a home with high traffic volume.

Although Nylon is not a stain resistant carpet, it can be installed with a stain resistant carpet treatment for protection against household spills and stains. This can reduce the amount of times that you have to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

Polyester Fibers

The last carpet fiber that we are going to look at is Polyester fibers. Everyone has heard of polyester as a type of material. It is used to make a variety of different clothing and other cloth based objects. Polyester is a synthetic material made out of purified terephtalic acid. This carpet type is extremely soft and comes in a variety of different colors. It is also naturally stain and fade resistant.

In terms of cleaning, Polyester carpet falls in between Nylon and Polypropylene. Polyesters is not as resilient as nylon, but it is more resilient than polypropylene.

The downside to polyester carpet is it cannot be treated with a stain resistant system, and it can be difficult to clean spills off of this carpet type. But hiring a professional carpet cleaner to regularly clean your polyester carpet can make all the difference.