How to Prep for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Pensacola before after carpet cleaning

At least once a year you should be using the services of a professional carpet cleaner. Who you choose to work with should also give you some insight into any steps you may need to take as well as what steps they take care of. They should also go over with you all the benefits of getting a pro cleaning done.

No matter how clean you keep your home there is only so much dirt, dust and miscellaneous debris you can remove with just your vacuum cleaner. The steam cleaners you can purchase or rent do a fair job but really only scratch the surface. You need industrial grade cleaning done by a trained and experienced professional.

Prior To Your Appointment

Some of this should be done by the pros you hire but that is something you should discuss prior to hiring a particular company. Either way, make sure each of these is addressed before the appointment time to avoid problems.

  • Vacuuming – It only makes sense that before having the carpet deep cleaned it should be vacuumed. The important thing is to find out if that is your responsibility or the crew you hire.
  • Move furniture – again this is one of those tasks that may or may not be taken care of by the company you hire. But you can’t assume that because if they don’t then you are going to have to scramble to do it when they get there.
  • Recognize problem spots – Even if they are going to take care of moving furniture, the polite thing to do is take care of other items on the floor: toys, drapes that reach the floor, floor lamps and lightweight items you can move on your own.

It doesn’t hurt to also plan ahead for things like parking. It will make it easier for the cleaners to get their job done if they have easy access from their vehicle to the door. So move your car and let them have free range of the best parking spot for just a few hours.

Make The Best Choice

When it comes to choosing the right team for you professional cleaning the name to choose is Steam Vac Carpet Cleaner. The best service available in and around the Ft. Walton Beach and Gulf Coast areas is also the same one who has been around since 1986. Our trained and certified techs use only the most state of the art equipment to take care of your home.