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What to expect (Pre-Visit)
The only thing we ask is that you remove any breakables or "knick-knacks" from the rooms being cleaned. We will handle moving furniture and other items the day we arrive.

What to expect (During Visit)
Pre-treatment - All carpets are pre-treated with special agents that break down and suspend the soil in the more highly soiled areas for easier removal.

Pre-spotting - For the most difficult stains, we have a wide variety of professional spotting agents that are designed not to damage your carpets or alter their original color.

Hot Water Extraction Method - Special truck-mounted equipment cleans deep without wetting the back of your carpets.


Once all rooms/tile/upholstery are completed, we will complete a final inspection with you to ensure your satisfaction.

What to expect (Post-Visit)
Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system removes almost all of the moisture immediately, but your carpet or upholstery may still be slightly damp to the touch.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the work performed, simply notify us within ten days of the cleaning and we will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

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Botanical Disinfectants are nature's way of controlling germs. Plants produce germ-killing essential oils to protect themselves from invading germs, similar to how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection. Benefect is a revolutionary blend of these antimicrobial extracts, specially grown & blended to exacting specifications to kill germs as effectively as traditional synthetic disinfectants but without any risk to our health or environment. Historically disinfectants used quaternary ammonia, bleach or even synthetic thymol to kill germs. Remarkably, Benefect kills over 99.99% of germs using only food-grade botanical plant extracts. Simply put, Benefect is a plant immune system’ in a bottle.

Why would you use anything else?

Benefect, the first & still the only authentically botanical disinfectant technology in the world.

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs

  • No Health Risk

  • No Synthetic Ingredients


Keep your carpet and rugs looking new with Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector. The double action approach resists soiling and blocks stains making clean-up easier. So prepare for life's little mishaps today, and rest assured with Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector, your secret stain avenger.


  • Strong carpet protection blocks stains for easier cleanup

  • Penetrates into carpet fibers to lift out stains

  • Blocks stains so they don't set in

  • Makes cleanup easier

  • Apply to new or clean carpets, wet or dry or after spot treatment

  • Simple application

  • One can covers approximately a 5 ft. x 6 ft. area

  • Reapply Scotchgard™ Rug & Carpet Protector every time your carpet is steam cleaned or every six months

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