Carpet Cleaning Kills Flea Infestations

fleas in carpet

Some time ago, one of our colleagues told us a story about a lady who had just moved to the area and had been absolutely overcome by an insect infestation.

She and her son and three cats came from another state earlier in the year and had searched some time for a home they could rent out.

They had spent a couple of months looking for just the right place that was within their budget and would provide what they needed. They were really excited when they found the 2 bedroom home, and felt they would be happy there for several years.

The home had a few areas that were tiled, but was mostly covered in carpeting. And even though they both preferred bare floors to carpeting, they felt it would serve them well to keep the house warm when the weather got cold.

They moved in after being approved by the property management company that was leasing the home. They managed to unload everything and get it all in the house. Over the next week, they unpacked and started getting organized.

It wasn’t just a few days before they noticed they were getting bitten by something. Little red spots were developing on their lower legs and in scattered places about their bodies. The cats seemed fine, however, so they weren’t sure what was the cause.

They thought they may have bedbugs, but after some investigation found this was not the case. “What could be causing the bites?” they wondered.

They were soon shocked to figure out that the home was completely infested with fleas from a previous tenant. In fact, they found out from neighbors that fleas infested the yards and homes in the entire neighborhood.

They began to search for answers as to how they could rid themselves of this horrible infestation in their home. Unfortunately, they felt they couldn’t get help from the property manager because their lease said the tenant is responsible for exterminating.

Looking around on the internet, they discovered a couple of ways they could try to rid their new home of the flea infestation. They discovered one thing they wanted to try first, which was promoted as a natural and harmless, environmentally friendly way to kill fleas.

They purchased table salt in the large can and sprinkled it over the entire carpeted areas. The salt was supposed to kill the fleas and eggs by drying them out.

These do-it-your-selfers had good results for a couple of weeks, but soon once again found themselves covered in flea bites. So then they moved onto using salt with daily vacuuming of all carpets and upholstery and washing of everything made out of material.

Well, that took care of the problem wonderfully…but only for about a month. Soon, their home was overrun by fleas again and they just didn’t know what to do.

That’s when they finally decided to get professional help for their flea infestation and called a carpet cleaning service that also treated for fleas. The fleas were gone and they haven’t seen any since.

The thing about fleas is that they live in your carpeting, underneath all the fibers. Exterminating chemicals are sprayed around baseboards, not over the entire carpet, which can certainly kill your fleas but not unless they get within a certain distance of the chemicals. When your whole carpet is covered in flea eggs and live fleas, you need something more.

With steam vac carpet cleaning, steam will kill the eggs as well as adult fleas. If you have a flea problem, hiring an expert who can really take care of the problem the first time will save you much misery and hassle.