After the Storm – Getting Important Water Damage Restoration Services

water damage restoration

Recent storms like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria act as a reminder of just how devastating Mother Nature can be. While the panhandle was fortunate to finally not get much resulting activity from either of these storm systems, we’ve had our fare share of flooding and extreme weather events. Of course, let’s keep in mind also that even a simple plumbing problem can lead to flooding in your home and a lot of damage to your home and personal belongings.

What you need to know about is how to take care of your home in the aftermath. Water extraction and water damage restoration is all part of salvaging your house, but also making it feel like your home again. The likelihood that a home will be impacted by water at some point is high, but by being prepared, you can rest assured you can minimize the damage.

Water Extraction Guidelines

What won’t surprise you is that you need to act fast when it comes to water damage. The longer that you let the water linger, the more damage it will do. Yet, even if the water retreats or is removed, without proper drying you are still going to suffer great damage. Here is some of what you should know:

The clock is literally ticking once water damage occurs. Your home and belongings are at threat of mold or rot. Not only will this ruin your home and your belongings, it will result in the presence of mold that can pose a very real heath threat. Do not take the risk of exposing yourself and your loved ones to harmful mold; make it a point to act quickly.

The type of water is important, too. Flood waters and any plumbing water that could be a risk due to contamination from sewage should be taken seriously. This can pose a very real health threat to you and your loved ones. It can contain bacteria and cause severe illness, if not death.

You need to be able to rely on a professional to address your need for water extraction with both submersible and truck mounted pumps. From there, it is about using dryers, dehumidifiers and air cleaner to make your interior safe and clean again. This includes cleaning the property with both antibacterial and disinfectants to make the space as good as new again, if not better.

You and your professional team can help determine what is salvageable and what needs to be disposed of. Unfortunately, if your belongings have been exposed to category 3 water, which contains the highest level of contaminated water, you are going to have to dispose of these things. The risk of negative health ramifications is just too great.

The professional you are working with will also help deem when the time is right to move your items back in. The last thing that you want to do is prematurely bring your household items back inside, only to have them ruined by an interior that was not yet dry.

Now, the most important thing that you have to do is pick the right team to work with, in order to get the job done.

Finding the Right Professional

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It’s not just about the restoration service, it is about having a professional there to guide you through each step of the process. That alone is invaluable.

All you have to do is give us a call and we will be there for you, when you need us the most. There is no reason to settle for inferior service but make certain that you react fast so we can salvage your stuff, before it is too late.