3 Tips To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaningRugs can be a very tasteful addition to any home. The right area rug can be the perfect touch to provide a stylish accent for any room. Many homeowners don’t realize, however, that rug cleaning is actually a significantly different process to cleaning a carpet. Rugs are more delicate, and thus, they require more specialized methods to keep clean. Subjecting a rug to the same cleaning methods used on your carpet or just throwing it in the washing machine can break down the fibers, bleed the colors, or just altogether ruin it. Here are a couple useful tips to keep in mind that may help you when rug cleaning.

Spot Rug Cleaning

Spot cleaning your rugs can be a great way to reduce stains and help protect your decor. The rugs in your home are subjected to a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Due to the heavy foot traffic they receive, they become a trap for dust, dirt, mud, odors, and oils. While you may have the tools available to handle the occasional spill, every now and then, it is wise to entrust your spot cleaning to professionals as they have the tools and experience to apply any treatments your rugs may need without damaging them. Taking care of your rugs regularly will go a long way to making sure that they don’t wear out prematurely.

Avoid Carpet Shampoos

While it is easy to think of your rugs as just another form of carpeting when it comes to buying cleaners for them. The opposite couldn’t be more true. Most store-bought carpet cleaners are designed for actual carpet flooring, and the harsh chemicals they contain can seriously damage your rugs, especially if you have something delicate like an oriental area rug. Most rugs have rich dyes to make their patterns and different colors, and these can easily bleed into other areas of the rug or even into the flooring underneath if they are exposed to harsh chemicals or the wrong cleaning methods.

Hire A Rug Cleaning Professional Who Understands The Difference

When you are looking into hiring a professional cleaning service for your rugs, it is important to make sure that the company you hire doesn’t use the same methods of cleaning on your rugs that they use on the rest of your carpets. The steam cleaning treatment that most carpet cleaning companies are going to use on your carpet flooring is actually quite damaging to most rugs. The cleaning process used on carpet flooring can cause dye bleeding, discoloration, and can even lead to bacteria and mold growth if the rug is allowed to remain damp for any length of time. Professionals who understand the difference between cleaning carpet and rug cleaning will inspect your rugs before any cleaning even begins and analyze the fibers, dyes, and type of rug it is before deciding on the right cleaning solution to use.

When you are looking for a reputable rug cleaning service who not only understands the differences between cleaning carpet flooring and your area rugs, but also specializes in them, give the team at Steam Vac Carpet Cleaner a call. Our team of professionals understand how important your rugs are to your and to the design of your home, so let us help you return them to their original, spotless condition.